Our pyramid of care, housed in a new 'living' building.

Our pyramid of care, housed in a new 'living' building.

What's so different about Tūmanako?

It's in the bigger picture. It's also in the details. And the science. From our building and environment, to our research-driven care and our people, to the food. Holistic 'patient-centred' care means the whole package.

If we have a sanctuary-like, natural building with beautiful, restful gardens inside and out, that inspires our staff, and makes everyone feel good just being in it, then that's just one small aspect that makes things a little better. If that building costs very little to maintain, then those costs go back to caring for our guests, that's better still.

If our food, grown on-site, is nutritious, tasty, looks great and is lovingly prepared with great care, we know it's got to be good for our health. 

If our clinical care is supported by evidence-based complementary therapies that help to calm and make our bodies and minds healthy, then that's a plus. 

If our technology can instantly connect our guests to their clinicians, their family and carers and support team then we can have everyone in 'the loop', knowing what is going on in the care pathway - all the time. And if we can further employ our technology so that we can offer help and education to people anywhere, anytime - then we're really getting somewhere.

If our research and community education programs can help pave the way to make things better for people dealing with mental health issues, and if we can reach more people because of technology, and an inclusive, community-minded approach - as well as with access to our 'hub' and education & event spaces - then these are the things that inspire hope.

That's what we're about. 

Based on my knowledge as one of the very few funded researchers in the area of mental health facility design, the design concept and model of care underpinning Tumanako is unique in NZ, but aligned with the recent trend for the development of similar private or NGO run mental health retreat type facilities occurring internationally.
— Dr Gabrielle Jenkin | BA (Sociology), DPH (Dist), MPH (Dist), PhD | Deputy Director Suicide and Mental Health Research Group | Te Rōpū Rangahau i te Mate Whakamomori me te Hauora Hinengaro


will be green & sustainable - it will work for us & the environment.



COMPlementary therapies

Tūmanako will employ evidence-based complementary therapies to support good health and mental wellbeing.

Yoga | MindfulnessMeditation | Massage | Qigong | Reiki | Shiatsu | Acupuncture | Music therapy | Art therapy | Craft therapy



Life enhancing design in hospital architecture which increases the healing property of a building through architecture and planning.


Our ‘patients’ are our guests.

We’re creating a fully holistic, tech-innovative, research-driven, compassionate, patient-centred sanctuary and healing centre in a self-sustaining facility that produces power, heating & cooling, along with food for our guests (and surplus to sell) from it’s living gardens, for people dealing with mental health issues. 



We're passionate about bringing food with great purpose to TŪMANAKO 

Our food will be nourishing & tasty, predominantly organic, wholefood and functional, promoting gut health, all over health & mental wellness - and will serve as therapy for those guests that wish to learn healthy choice cooking skills. It will also be a source of revenue in our centre cafe. Of course, it will also be beautiful to look at!


We'll be tech savvy

We’ll use great, easy-to-navigate tech - from concierge driven emrs (electronic medical records), and guest journey maps and hubs, through to mental health crisis apps and e-therapies specifically designed for the people that need them most.