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Join us, or help us by donating, so that we can raise Tūmanako Wellness Centre, an innovative, new treatment facility for mental health in New Zealand.

We are working hard to secure grant and philanthropic funding in order to help secure land, to advance design work on the building, progress the design of the operating model, and get the Tūmanako Wellness Centre project investment-ready. This includes paying our dedicated team of development, legal, corporate, investment and communications people so that they can continue to work to make this happen. They're all working for free right now.

We're modelling our concept around successful international models. This facility will be a world-class, best-practice, cutting-edge, green, sustainable mental health and psychiatric centre, providing exemplary clinical and complementary care alongside high-tech innovations to reach more people.

Tūmanako will also be a centre of research, knowledge production and community education. We'll use 'healing architecture' and evidence-based facility design in conjunction with our holistic operating model to create a facility unlike any other in Christchurch - for better patient outcomes.

Please support us, or spread the word!

Help us raise Tūmanako.

To donate please contact our Development Manager, Greer O’Donnell on


Here's an infographic to help explain how MOney raised will be spent:

Where the money will go.png


Your donation or pledge will allow us to continue our work and build a much-needed, sustainable alternative in Mental Health care for New Zealanders. Help us raise Tūmanako!

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