We’re creating a patient-centred sanctuary and healing centre in a self-sustaining facility.

Our ‘patients’ are our guests.

This means we actively listen to our guests, their whānau, carers and support network. And in this inclusive and community-minded environment, where we have an open dialogue, we'll work closely with you and your loved ones to create a bespoke care plan that meets your needs. Because everyone is different.

We'll be open to self-referral and GP referrals. We'll have a concierge to greet you at the centre reception, as well as a clinical psychologist to immediately help you or your loved one create and navigate your care pathway. We want to reduce waiting times and unnecessary double-handling of information - which is why our concierge will be equipped with an iPad to have immediate and update-able access to EMRs and information that can be shared with the clinicians, nurses, families and carers.

We'll have clinical psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric and care nurses, a research team, an education team, care givers, a nutritionist, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, reiki and a full swathe of complementary therapy practitioners, mindfulness teacher, organic and functional food chefs, baristas, gardeners and more - all working closely together to ensure that you or your loved one has the best possible care.

We aim to treat the 'whole' person. Looking at research-based and individualised nutrition, gut health, exercise, sleep, cognitive and dialetical behavioural therapy treatments, and we won't necessarily be a drugs-first or drugs-only treatment centre.

We will have specialist areas as well, among them; 

  • a women-only safe area
  • a space dedicated to childhood trauma
  • and a safe medical withdrawal area for those who want to safely reduce or withdraw from medication

We'll also have the 'HUB' - a dedicated, large, communal room for a safe share-space, where those in our community feeling isolated or alone can use at their discretion, as a shared work space, or simply just to relax in, have a coffee or tea with others and feel more connected if they need to. We’ll have wi-fi, a barista and music available as well as a common garden to unwind and relax in - all part of the Hub.

And to ensure the care we provide is sustainable and reaches as many people as possible, we'll also have:

  • community education and outreach programs
  • along with 24/7 access to e-therapies and online services, in conjunction with...
  • e-hubs (apps) to help 'connect' everyone that needs to be in the loop and make sure that information and help are easily and immediately accessible