Pledgeme Update and slight change of plan

Thank you for all your support so far! A quick update and slight change of plan..

We have learned so much over the past three weeks and the amount of community support for this project is incredible and shows that there is a real need for what we are proposing. We’ve been having lots of conversations about the best sources of funding for this project which includes grants, philanthropic funding and equity investment.

It’s pretty clear that we need to get started on the centre straight away. To be able to unlock this next level of funding and talk to investors, the most important thing we need to do right now is complete our Detailed Business Case. So we have decided to reduce our Pledgeme target to $26,000 which is the amount we need to complete this next step and get the project off the ground as quickly as possible. We understand if this changes the nature of your support, and encourage anyone who wants to remove their pledge to contact us.

The further $174,000 is still needed in order to progress the detailed design of the operational model and the building, secure a site and pay the team to keep working on the project. We’ve now identified that the funding for these things may come from sources other than crowdfunding, and so that’s why we’ve decided to reduce our target for this crowdfunding round.  

We will hold a Facebook Live tonight (3 August) at 6pm to tell you all about this and we encourage you to ask us questions during the livestream. We’re also really happy to answer any questions at any stage if you would like to get in contact with us.

We are so humbled and grateful for all your support so far and we wouldn’t have got this far without our amazing pledgers and supporters - this has been a huge community effort.

We haven’t made this decision lightly, and we understand that it’s a tough conversation to have. We understand if this changes the nature of your support and were happy to asnwer any questions or talk through concerns.

From the Tūmanako team, with love