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Concept Render | Unispace

The ‘pod’ layout is similar conceptually to ideas of the service users interviewed for the Mad Love project in the UK.
— Dr Gabrielle Jenkin
Concept | Pod Layout | Unispace

Concept | Pod Layout | Unispace

This prototype of a “modular cocoon” was successful. In a test phase in the ward, possibilities for interaction, variations of use and the modular cocoon’s function are presently being studied. These patient tests demonstrate the desired effects an increased sense of security and comfort as well as increased sleep quality.
— Design Interventions in a Psychiatric Ward – Systems Theory Concepts in Design Practice
Mental health architecture should be neither the architecture of madness nor the architecture of stigma, but an architecture of therapy, humanity and safety.
— Stigma and architecture of mental health facilities Jakub S. Bil The British Journal of Psychiatry May 2016, 208 (5) 499-500; DOI: 10.1192/bjp.208.5.499b


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The number of guest rooms are not final, but all other services are what we are hoping to provide.


Reception with garden - in keeping with the vision of the Tūmanako centre our reception will set the scene, inviting our guests into our space. Each and every one of our guests arrive to a welcoming ‘living’ room - a gorgeous, large atrium with an exquisite internal garden reminiscent of a balinese resort, replete with generous, comfortable seating (should they ever need to wait- & we will strive, in our service to our clients that they should not ever have to wait!), soft lighting - never harsh or ill-considered. Every tiny detail about our entrance needs to invite our guests to calm. Gentle, quiet, peaceful, harmonious, safe, unhurried. Our reception needs to very clearly establish the sanctuary-like nature of Tūmanako wellness centre.

In the reception area there will be a:

  • Small library
  • Safe waiting room (for anyone in distress, waiting to be seen)
  • Reception ‘desk’
  • Toilet amenities
  • Café
  • Main atrium garden - a very large, lush resort-like garden area that houses several private areas within it along with a beautiful outdoor garden multi-purpose room to be used as a function room, yoga studio or calm retreat.

Clinical areas

  • Nurses station
  • Psychiatric consultation rooms 1 & 2
  • Clinical psychologist consultation room 1 &2
  • Safe withdrawal centre - specialist care and support in weaning off psychotropic or anti-depressant medication with full nutritional and clinical support
  • Child trauma centre
  • Women only space
  • Treatment rooms 1 &  2
  • Research lab 1 - nutrient research
  • Research lab 2 - medication withdrawal

Complementary therapies area:

  • Complementary therapies reception area & lounge
  • Nutritionist consultation room 1
  • Nutritionist consultation room 2
  • Exercise physiology services room 1
  • Complementary therapies consult room 1
  • Complementary therapies consult room 2
  • Zen garden
  • Music studio
  • Art studio
  • Craft studio
  • Meditation studio
  • Yoga studio
  • Reflection room - near the zen garden, a tranquil, low light area for rest, private contemplation and reflection, spiritual or otherwise.

Guest rooms 1-15 and 16-30

Whanau rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4

Dining and kitchen:

  • Guest Dining room 1
  • Guest Dining room 2
  • Main Kitchen
  • Pantry
  • Staff Kitchen & pantry
  • Staff dining
  • Staff lounge

Organic food garden:

  • Food garden (to be near/beside the kitchen and dining areas)
  • Garden tools / shed area

Cleaning / maintenance / utilities area

Community & learning spaces:

  • Tumanako community share-space & event space for mental wellness, educational and community events (including film and performances) complete with small stage area, audio visual and sound system.
  • The hub - a safe share-space, where those in our community feeling isolated or alone can use at their discretion, as a shared work space, or simply just to relax in have a coffee or tea with others and feel more connected if they need to. We’ll have wi-fi, a barista and music available as well as a common garden to unwind and relax in - all part of the hub.