We're a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have joined forces to create a new style of mental health facility and care.

We want to bring the philosophy of a world-class spa retreat to a mental health and wellbeing facility, using world’s best research, evidence-based practice, and innovative tech, harnessing nature to nurture our guests, their families and carers, our staff and our community.


Our Mission

To create an alternative in mental health care in New Zealand.

We need fresh approaches for the treatment of the most vulnerable in our society that are research driven. Our current system is simply not helping enough people. Tūmanako seeks to provide holistic care to people with psychiatric illnesses with a focus on research. Such a patient-centred service is sorely needed in our community.
— Dr. Julia Rucklidge, PhD, CPsych, FNZPsS, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Director of the Mental Health and Nutrition Research Group, Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury

our 5 pillars ...

There are five fundamentals that will support & drive Tūmanako.

Holistic & Sustainable

  • a centre providing values based psychiatric and psychological care while treating patients as guests

  • the centre is focused on providing services that enable emotional, mental and physical wellness

  • the building design and operational model will be environmentally, socially and financially sustainable

Nurturing & Inclusive 

  • the centre will provide compassionate care that acknowledges and values clients, family and their caring communities/support networks

  • the centre will grow and provide nourishing food and offer complementary therapies (yoga/mindfulness/massage/acupuncture/reiki/naturopathy/gardening, art and music therapy)

Inspired by Nature 

  • the centre will be a modern, architecturally designed, calm, green, nature filled sanctuary

  • the centre will be a place of healing where the environment contributes to our guests' wellbeing

  • harnessing nature to nurture our guests through the use of functional foods and micronutrients

Driven by Research

  • the centre will be a place of knowledge production

  • the centre will have an inspirational workforce that attracts the best minds, clinicians and practitioners

Technologically Innovative

  • the centre will use cutting edge technology to advance the model of mental health care

  • technology will be used to treat, connect and educate our communities




Just three to five minutes spent looking at landscapes with trees, flowers, or water can reduce anger, anxiety, and pain.

What We've Achieved

Over the past year we have: 

  • established a Core Development Team

  • established Professional Partnerships with Unispace, PwC and Lane Neave

  • secured a team of  Expert Mental Health and Business Advisors

  • are incorporating as a Charitable Trust

  • Ohu has worked with Marcelle to deliver Tūmanako wellness centre

  • We have partnered with Medispace

  • We've presented at Ministry of Awesome's 'Coffee & Jam'

  • Richard McGill of PwC presented Tūmanako at Inspire 18, Business For Good; a Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce initiative – on using the power of business to solve the world's most complex social and environmental problems. 

  • and we have presented at the Healthy Greater Christchurch Hui

  • we have been interviewed on NewstalkZb by Chris Lynch

  • and we're on Facebook @tumanakowellnesscentre