What we've achieved so far


in the past year…

Our team has developed our business proposal and plan.

We’ve defined and honed our vision, mission and values, we’ve crunched many numbers, presented at Huis, funding bodies, meet-ups and seminars, met with many professional people in all areas of development for a project of this magnitude, and extensively researched what’s needed.

We have an incredible team of professional people, many luminaries in their fields, working with great dedication and passion to bring Tūmanako Wellness Centre into being. Mental health experts, Doctors, Professors, Lawyers, Accountants, Property Developers, Urban strategists, CEOs, Councillors, Business people, Construction experts, Builders, Architects, IT experts, Designers, Filmmakers, Journalists and supporters from all walks of life keen to make this a reality.

Here's a breakdown:

·       Completed our Business Plan and Proposition; Vision, Mission and Values

·       posted our animated Story of Origin to Facebook which went viral with 7000 views of our story, receiving hundreds of offers of support and positive reinforcement of the project.

·       Appointed expert financial and health industry advisor CEO Timothy Dugan

·       Chris Lynch interviewed Marcelle on NewstalkZB (February 1, 2018)

·       Camia Young (Ohu) and Marcelle presented Tūmanako Wellness Centre at the Healthy (Greater) Christchurch Hui in February 2018

·       appointed Mental Health Experts Prof. Julia Rucklidge and Dr Gabrielle Jenkin

·       begun conceptual architectural design of the facility

·       partnered with PwC and corporate lawyers Lane Neave

·       Marcelle and OHU have partnered, signing an MOU

·       set up a Charitable Trust & Development of a Trust Deed

·       appointed Marketing and Communications specialists; Brewster & Associates and Kate Spence.

·       designed our corporate ID and identity design along with collateral assets

·       designed and produced our 50 page presentation pitch

·       presented Tūmanako at Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee & Jam’

·       developing our website

·       started our Facebook page: @Tūmanakowellnesscentre

·       applied for the Christchurch City Council Innovation and Sustainability Fund

We’ve come a long way with a robust Business plan in place.

But now we need to step it up and take it to the next level. We need to finish a rock-solid Feasibility study so that we can use this as our key to unlock and secure capital investment in what we know is a viable business model. It has to be, because the better the business, the more people we can help. And that is our aim – to help solve this mental health crisis and give the people of Canterbury, our community, hope for holistic and sustainable mental well-being.

We want to provide an alternative in Mental health care for the good of Cantabrians, and further, for the good of New Zealanders.