In New Zealand we currently have 5 to 6,000 clinicians and professionally trained people to treat 1 million people with mental health issues.


There is a treatment gap & the problem is huge.


Some sobering facts:

  • New Zealand has the highest rate of youth suicide in the developed world
  • 1 in 5 adults will be diagnosed with a mental health issue at some time in their lives
  • Mental disorders are the 3rd leading cause of health loss for New Zealanders
  • in Canterbury, NZ, Mental health presentations are up 72% since the quakes
  • Canterbury is in the grip of a chronic mental health problem
  • There is a current bed shortage for Christchurch mental health patients
  • the need far outstrips the supply of available services
  • what is available is under-resourced and over-burdened
Such a wonderful concept. We need more beautiful spaces, especially for people with mental illnesses. When I was first diagnosed with depression at 18 I had to attend outpatient acute counseling sessions in a building that had bars on the windows, chipped, ugly orange paint and drab carpeting. It actually made you feel worse.
— Anonymous


because the situation is so desperate, for so many, we want to get this started now - using people power, initiative and determination.

We’re great believers in community joining forces to create great things.

We want to build a psychiatric and mental well-being sanctuary that treats patients as guests, and that uses clinical psychology and psychiatric care combined with complementary therapies housed in a healing, ‘living’, self-sustaining building made from natural materials – with gardens inside and out for relaxation, culture, therapy and food production.

This will be unlike any hospital you have ever seen.